Bethany Dillion- Imagination.

So, i wanted to let you know that i opened up my ABOUT ME ring. 

If you want me to answer more questions i can add them there.

I have one more wonderful news. 

There's going to be a pretty important conference in Pärnu. It's a jubilee conference for such organization as EUHOFA. The organization unites the world's leading Hotel and Tourism schools. And they've had conference every year for 50 years. And the 50th conference is being hosted in Estonia (Tallinn and Pärnu). It Tallinn the 120 guests are being hosted by EHTE and in Pärnu the host is Pärnu college ( where i go to ). 
So the news is that i'm going to be the photographer who perpetuates those three days that they are in Pärnu. 

How terrifying is that :P

But i welcome this challange with open arms :)

PS! sorry if there are mistakes in my writing, i'm just too lazy to ever proofread them :)


  1. Vägev värk! Ootan juba pilte. Millal see täpsemalt toimub?

  2. 25-30, aga alguses on nad tallinnas, seal võtavad neid vastu ehte ja viivad kumusse jne.