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Hey guys,

yes, i know, i've been gone for a while now. But hey , i kind of warned you that when school starts, i have less time. But i don't do it on purpose.
I actually don't even have the time to make this entry, but i kind of just don't care at the moment ;)

So, what you've missed...

my EUHOFA conference shooting. It was more that amazing. Those three days were just so different from the other... 21 years :P There was about 118 highly educated tourism experts from all over the world... 4 continents as a matter of fact. Yes it sounds scary for a student who studies the same thing, but they were remarkable people. They were friendly, understanding and warm. They really enjoyed spending the time with the students of Pärnu college and EHTE. 
Even though it was the best time of my life, it was hard. Really hard. To run around every day for 3 days, from 9 o'clock until midnight... exhausting. After it i recovered for 3 days, just to stand up on my feet again... impressive :D

I won't be adding a lot pictures of it, but some better ones. The job was a little bit hardened because of the smaller lens that didn't work as well, but it became a problem mostly only in the evenings, when it was hard to focus in the dark. I took about 2000 pictures, but only 1100 of them were shown in the public :P

Here are some samples :

1st day

2nd day:

3rd day:

And one work in progress

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