So today, i finally visited a lounge that i've passed by for 2 years now. I wanna say the name is Lime lounge, but i'm not so sure.
The coffe was amazing and the chicken salad, perfect. I just wasted my time there 'cause i needed to charge my phone- i left my charger at home in the other city :) 

So while i was eating the salad and enjoying the coffee i updated myself with the Vogue, ELLE and Bazaar. 

Also i founded an interesting how-to hairdo, i already experimented it and i failed :D

On the way to Haapsalu, my 2nd home, i really digged the view. It was perfect, but my cameras battery was dead, so i only got to take few shots. On the way home there was one incident on a small country road where 3 LARGE mooses were standing on the road just watching and moving their mouths like they were eating and they didn't move at least for 2 minutes, just in front of us. It seemed that they weren't so bothered by the fact that a vehicle full of people were watching them. After few minutes they slowly walked to the side of the road and we kept watching them 'cause how often do you see a picture like that, you see them only running in front of your car and when you .... sorry... hit them. That moment was so peaceful. We were very quiet and just admired the view. Sadly i didn't took out my camera 'cause i didn't want to scare them with flash and without flash it was impossible to capture them cause it was very dark and as i mentioned before, my battery was dead.

Also, i ate my first mandarins :D How christmas is that. Are you waiting the christmas time already? I know i am...!

Some motivation from the last years christmas :) How about now? ;)