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sorry for not posting, but i didn't have any motivation or inspiration for a while. 
But better late than never: happy new years. Hope yours came with much fun. Mine did :)

I will get on with my business. First i would like to offer you 'someone' a header. I was just sketching randomly and just shoot it up and it kind of came out pretty awesome, actually the lady is in pink dress but as i was taking the picture in b&w scene... there you go:

Juhtusin kogemata ühe vahva tšiki tegema ja mõtlesin et pakun teile ''kellelegile'' seda headeriks:

If anyone wants, i can modify it for her.

Kui keegi soovib seda endale siis saan seda, vastavalt 'temale' muuta.

Ever since i saw her golden nails i've been trying to do the same, but as i don't have the gold glitter, i had to improvise with my current nailpolishes (btw i saw amazing glitter'can's in SELVER today, both silver and gold, but it cost 10€ a bottle so i decided to postpone the purchase :D).

Cärol's nails:


So that was random :)


A day in Pärnu. A sunny day for once :D And even a bit snow :)

helios lens

zuiko lens


So today i took advantage of the sales in TAKKO and SEPPELÄ. These are perfect places to go nuts. When scarves cost just 3€ and gloves 2€ then you just have to smile :D

winter pack :)

A scarf for my mom, it's actually very pretty but i screwed up the full picture and i was too lazy to make a new one. It's pretty and cost just 1,49€ if i remember correctly.

 By far the most beautiful earrings. Again for my mom. I've kind of grown out of the feathers myself :)

 I've eyed this pack of wings in seppelä for quite a while, but didn't purchase them until now. They were 50% off so it's kind of a big push :P

 AND my favorite. They seem little in here, but they are very big which is AWESOME. I do not fancy those orange ribbons or stripes in the middle but i kind of figured that they will fade in time and they are too pretty so...

 That's a beauty!

 One of the cheapest wines ever, but still good.


So i hope it makes up the time i've been away.

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  1. jee, jälle saab kommenteerida! :) tegelt tahtsin lihtsalt pilte kiita, väga mõnusad on! need künned pakuvad ka huvi - ma ei tea, minuga on miskit lahti, mulle on see kuldne-litrid-sädelused-värk täitsa meeldima hakanud