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So, i´ve been kind of away for a while, but not because i lack of topics to talk about. I´ve been kind of busy :) But let that be.
I spent my last weekend in Finland. It was much fun. I visited many flea markets and found some great stuff. 
I think the pictures will tell the story, but i'll give you a short version. Me, my sister and her boyfriends were suppose to go to Finland on thursday. But because custom's officer was kind of a pain in the a** we missed our ship and we had to go on the next morning. But me and my sister didn't wanna waste a great evening and went to the zoo, practically 10 minutes before the register was closed. But after it is closed you still have like 2 hours left to stay. Some of the animals were hiding, but most of them were out and it was much fun, as always. 

Next morning we got to the ship right time and we were on our way to Finland. Those 3 days are actually pretty blurry for me. Like one long day. We visited many flea markets and i got myself puch of great stuff. Mostly objects and so on. I usually avoid buying clothings from the flea markets. I don´t even know why. I have nothing against the ''already used'' idea, but still i prefer new things :) But accessories and so on i really like to buy. Unfortunately mostly i found some stuff for the house. Oh yea, i'm moving to out country house for the summer. It's not one of those fancy houses, but it's BIG and pretty and cozy, but it's only renovated from outside, inside it's pretty old and dusty, but i'm sure i can make it homey. Many say that i'm startin g from the perfect ZERO. I can start putting there any crap i want to :D
Anyway, back to Findland. We also visited IKEA, which was awesome... of course :) Also spent out evenings walking around in the wild :D Plus, i tried fishing too :D I'm pretty sure i won 't start fishing for hobby but it was pretty relaxing. Actually it's more fun to watch my sisters bf going in the freezing water to save his pole's thing that got stuck in the water :D
I promise, the upcoming pictures are more illustrating and expressive that my words :)

Some of my purcases

But now, a pretty long audio post from me. I thought it would be fun to talk about our Finland trip in audio. It's in estonian only and i'm pretty sure it will be the last time 'cause i'm not so good at it :D

Nüüd siis kerge audiopost. Otsustasin proovida eesti keelset osa suuliselt :D Ma üsna kindel, et see oli mu esimene ja viimane kord, aga proovida võis :D
Heli on üsna vaikne, niiet pange kõlarid kõvemaks :D

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