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So, today i got a little surprise on my yard. Actually three surprises. A cat that's been visiting my shed for a while (cause i've been giving food to her (yes now i definitely know that it's SHE) cause you know i have no pets here and i can't bare to see animals almost dying in hunger and all that) came today too. But this time she had two little-little kittens with her :D I had so many different emotions in almost 30 minutes.

 First i was like, oh my god, i'm gonna die from cute overload, cause they were so tiny and cute and hopped in the long grass just behind their mom. Like a little duck family came in a row.

 Kitty mommy started to eat and the little ones actually settled in. they laid to sleep just behind their mother. And i was like, humm okay :D I was kind of guessing that they are just passing through. But as it turned out, they were not. They were moving in.

Next the mom vanished and the next emotion was: omg, what the hell am i going to do with 2 tiny kittens if their mother just brought them here cause she figured that i could feed here, why not take care of too tiny kittens. I called my mom and told her about my little delivery. And we both hoped, DEEPLY hoped, that the mother will return.

And thankfully she did. Actually she was just walking around on my property. I personally think that she was  'scanning' the area for danger. And when she came back the kittens were well rested and ready to discover the area with their mom. The mom started to lead them in different points of the front yard and the little ones just skipped (omg how cute that was, in between of panicing and worrying there was always CUTE part) behind her. I kind of think that she was just showing them what's around so if she's gone discovering other places, that the kittens won't panic.

Anyway for whole day the mom came and went. The kittens slept in the shed. After few hours when the mom was gone i decided to take a pillow to them, so they would have something to sleep on, cause they were like just sleeping on the land covered with pointy woodpricks. I was very careful when i got closer and 100% tried to avoid freaking them out 'cause it would be a disaster if they'd panic and run in the forest alone , maybe their mom wouldn't find them and so on. Anyway i was very careful and i did NOT touch them, just in case, you never know the animal parents, some of them tend to leave their children when they have the smell on human on them. Anyway when i got there they were sleeping together like a little ball on random spot of the floor. I put the basket with an old pillow down quickly, but i could get pass them so i had to put it outside. And left quietly. Actually when i saw them i almost thought that even their eyes are closed. But later i understood that they were just very very sleepy. But they are pretty tiny and helpless so i think it wasn't very long time ago when their eyes opened.

Anyway, a while after i left they crawled on the pillow and slept there. Later i brought them another pillow, but put that inside, cause you know it's pretty rainy lately and i couldn't get the basket with the pillow cause one of them refused to leave it even when i was 5 cm away. One of them is more shaky than the other. But i think they are too little to be scared that much that they would run like hell. And i thought that if they intent to stay i would introduce myself slowly rather than crabbing them on my lap right away. Ofcourse i would like to pet them, but i'm trying  not to :D

Anyway, the last scene before it got too dark to see was that the mother actually crawled next to 2 kittens on that tiny yellow pillow. So cute.

And i actually named them :D The mom was named  Punu almost 2 weeks ago, but i decided to call the kitten Ruuben and Tirts (from Shrek 4 :D). I haven't decided which is which though. Anyway, that's the unnecessarily long story of my little adventure today.

Nothing says that they would be here tomorrow too, but i think the mother discovered a place where she could eat well and maybe they'll stick. I only haven't decided if it's the greatest thing for me. I ofcourse won't interfere too much, so i'd have to stard raising them, but i will keep giving them food.

Ma eestikeeles nii kiirelt ei jaksa sest ma sain ingkeeles juba hingelt ära. Aga kokkuvõtvalt ootas mind täna üks üllatus õue peal. Nimelt kiisu kes on külastanud mind juba tükk aeg, ilmus õue peale täna koos kahe tillukese kiisupojaga :D Emotsioone oli nii palju, küll häid ja halbu, aga küll hakkama saab. Algul arvasin ema lahkudes, et tõi kiisukesed mulle kasvatada, aga ema kiisu tuli siiski ilusti tagasi. Viisin kiisudele isegi kaks patja millel magada ja seda nautisid nad täie rinnaga. Paar korda käisin ise koha peal ka aga suurema osa ajast vaatasin toas. Hea vaade on nende jälgimiseks ja see oli üsna lõbus. Eriti kuidas pisikesed hüppavad kõrges murus. Väga hästi käia ei saa, aga hüpates saab hakkama küll. Ema juhatab ees ja kaks pisikest pätakat tuterdavad sabas. Nigu pardipere :D

Kas nad ka homme alles on, see on jube müstika :D


  1. no minu nunnumeeter läks selle loo peale nüüd samuti põhja! peas kumiseb üks pikk aww...

    1. Uh, jumal tänatud, ma mõtsin, et ma tsut imelik et sellise asja pärast sellise numbri tegin :D