It just has this rythm, for heaven's sake :D
As usual- tune in before you proceed / Nagu ikka- lülita end minu muusika lainele enne kui jätkad 

My sister got this beauty from Finlands fleamarket for only 20€. I can't quite use it just yet, 'cause there's one little part missing (that i'm trying to track down and purchase as soon as possible), but still, it's awesome. And it's really heavy - wink Who wants to know the brand and product, it's Cullmann video 3400. It's pretty universal and fits probably to anything- cameras, video cameras etc. 

I and my sister gave a Babyliss (i don't remember the product name and number) waver to our mom for her birthday and i love it. I do have natural curls in my enormous hair, but as i've told to anyone who admired and longed for them, that natural curls do what they want whenever they please. My curls aren't in order and beautiful, most of the hairrucks (totally improvising, i have no idea how it's in english- wink) are pretty much: straight(ish) to the half point, then one random curvature and then straight ahead. It's annoying and i do hate my curly hair most of the time, but not because i long for straight ones (as the deal is...usually: straight hair want curls and curls miss straight ones), i do love curly and even more wavy hair, and that's why i love the Babyliss waver. It makes the curls decent. Unbelievable, i'm a hairnoob. It's so pithy that i won't even translate it- wink

I often embrace the jewelry that everyone else purchase for me, more than i do my own. Those beauties are (obviously - wink) from ginatricot (purchased by my sister) and i adore them. Turquoise has been one of my favorite specialtones for a long time. As a matter of fact i fell in love with the color when i first saw turquoise colored ring on Pheobes (from Friends) finger. It's so bohemian! Now i WILL find a matching ring to the earrings ( i did have once but it broke). If you have a hint or two for me, from where to look, please do tell :)

If you havent't seen this wonderful candle i so recommend to purchase it. Maybe you won't see the beauty in it but i so do. It's not cheap, unfortunately, but i think i benefit. The idea is that it changes the colors when it gets light. Before i purchased it local store marketer showed me how it works without actually burning it and i totally fell in love with it. I think you won't actually see the beauty without eyeing it. It's so christmas and pretty. If you aren't a fan on scented candles, don't worry, it has minimal scent and you will only smell it if you stick your nose to the flame - wink
I think the brand is airwick, it was over 5€ and i think only airwick has so expensive tiny candles in regular markets.