So, i went with Converse :D Actually first i started to try pink Vans shoes, but they didn't have my size so i went with converse. Didn't feel bad at all, i literally just want them both :D

The most adorable earphones :D They have like little crystals on them.

I actuallt made big curls today morning, but the day pretty much washed them away :D

And my sweeties :D
I 'm so in love with them. They are so comfy and they have actually soles that won't wear off in two walks . And as you can see i went with the lower ones.

I wanted to buy that watch few weeks ago from New Yorker, but i forgot. And today i remembered to buy it and guess what, it was ~70% off . On my way home i discovered why they were lowering the price. The battery was empty. Fortunately i had some new yorker watches sitting at home and i got a battery from them and voila :D


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    1. Eksole, nii lihtsad, aga nii ahvatlevad :D

  2. Kade oleen! :D Heas mõttes.

    1. Ma käin isegi pidevalt nina maas ja vahin neid :D