My weekend started today. But my weekends are for other 'job'. I can't even just lay around and do nothing. Oh and i'm productive unless i'm not, as you can see :D

 Once you go 4G you never go back :D
 I gotta say, zero is tons of times better that regular. Regular tastes awesome but it leaves your mouth like all weird and you just wanna keep drinking. But with zero you actually feel refreshed. 
Hello, my name is Ann and i'm coca-cola-holic.


  1. AnonymousJuly 13, 2013

    Lihtsalt pean küsima, kuidas Sa selle Starbucksi mug'i said? :)
    Tahan ka niiiiii väga :)

    1. Selle sain otse Ameerika Starbucksist, AGA usun, et neid saab ka kuskil onlainis tellida, nagu ebay vms :)