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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Coral pink

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Today i went and bough a blouse and this AMAZING coral lipstick. I love maybelline lipsticks. They aren't that expensive and they stay on very well, BUT i really don't get the beauty of that tube. I think it's rather ugly.

Just tell me you don't dig that necklace. Amazing i think :) 
A little project that i will publish when i can :)


  1. Ääretult kena kaelakett. DIY?

    1. Ei, seppeläst mingi saia hinnaga (see oli üks neist toodetest mis seal aastaid passivad ja siis võetakse lõpuks hind maha mingi 70% :P)

  2. ei saa öelda tõesti, et ei nõustuks - üliäge kaelakett! ja see huulevärv sobib sulle kui valatult!